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Eurovision – The story so far

It’s Thursday of week two at Eurovision 2011 and it’s the morning of the Second Semi Final.  I can tell you it’s going to be a great evening, the rehearsal for tonight final went off with almost no hitches, and the singing was almost great by everyone. It will be interesting to see who has the steel rods to get through the nerves and belt out a winning performance tonight to make it through to Saturday.

So far the event has been fantastic. We arrived on Sunday and quickly got setup emailing delegates asking for interviews, a few of which have been answered and we have had some official interviews and some we have had to sneak in on whenever we’ve had a chance sighting.

My personal highlight is seeing Eric Saade from Sweden not only live on stage, but also live, in person about 5 meters away from me when he stepped out of his hotel, while I was waiting for another performer to interview. He was onto his bus and gone within seconds, but I got a good up-close look at the man, very much one of the prettiest boys on campus here at the 2011 Contest. If you don’t count the young and very cute Jedward that is.

Anyway, it’s been such a busy time here, with people to interview (or chase down trying to organise a time to interview) Endless emails and phone calls back and forth and ‘we’ll call you if we can meet you’ etc I haven’t even been able to finish this update! It’s now the final day, the finalists are all chosen, and are currently running through the third and final rehearsal before the event tonight. and we are still chasing down people to interview – hoping to catch Glen from Malta at his surprise birthday party this afternoon… though we are not sure we will make it there in time!

Well it’s going to be an exciting night, and if the rain goes away we should be able to get some interviews of people coming into the arena before it all starts!

I’ve also been heading out to some of the parties that have been happening around town, and getting lots of great photos – you can see them here:

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