My life, as a photographer

Fundraising Drive – Nikon D7000

I know many of you know this – I have recently moved to Germany with my boyfriend to pursue my career as a photographic artist. After being here for 6 months, I have managed to achieve two exhibitions here in Bremen, as well as a part-time job as a photographer for I am also running city tours and photography workshops in Bremen.

Why This Fundraiser?

Unfortunately, these projects have come slower than I had anticipated, and my camera equipment needs an urgent upgrade. Due to limitations on my Visa for this country, I am unable to work outside being an artist or working with my camera. As my income here in Bremen has just begun, I no longer have the savings to purchase a new camera to work with. With no camera, there means no earnings at all!

The Details

I have managed to locate a second-hand D7000 for only 800 euro. It is good quality and less than one year old, and will allow me to work for another few years before requiring another upgrade to my equipment. This is where I need your help – my current income cannot cover the cost of a new camera, and I am unable to work without one. I am asking that you, my friend donate a few dollars towards my new camera, and I will be eternally grateful! In return, for every donation over 50 (Dollars or Euro) I will send you a poster print (50 x 70cm) of one of the photos shown below- simply add a note on your donation of which image you would like to have! You can donate easily via PayPal of if you prefer send me an email and I can send you bank details. 🙂 Donate Here


I will make note on here of each person who donates money as well as a post on my facebook pages and twitter – including a picture of me with a personal thank-you note! What could be better than that?!? Donate Here

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