My life, as a photographer

Become an Art Collector today

If you have ever thought about being an “Art Collector”, here is a chance to do it. Become one of my Art Collectors.

The benefits are enormous.
The Art Collector Program is something you will find extremely valuable as time goes on. I guarantee it! The earlier and longer you are a member, the greater your rewards. My Art Collectors get very significant rewards and added value for their support of my work.

There is something special about having a collection of works that comes directly from one artist.
This is far better and very different from having bought the art from a middle-man (e.g. retail art gallery, store, auction house, or website). The key distinction is a personal connection to the artist. Oddly enough, this is something most art collectors never get from their art. It makes a big difference in how one can appreciate the art over time. This special relationship is very fulfilling for my collectors and for me.

Today, many people want to display a collection of photography in their homes or offices.
Fine Art Photography can be very appealing, creates a beautiful look for home or office and is more affordable than a large collection of original paintings. Images are available as prints which can be framed, or on ready-to-hang canvas.

What defines one of my Art Collectors? It is really very simple. A Collector is someone who purchases a group or custom set of my fine art photographs. The cost of the Collection is dependent on the size of the Collector’s desired set and the size of the printed images.

Here is your chance to become a true Collector of an individual artist. This special program is available to a select few who value the creativity of the artist (that’s me) and want to have a rewarding relationship with the artist. Collectors receive significant savings and value beyond what would be possible buying several items over time. Members of the Collector program have access to exclusive works, and the program is tailor-made to suit your tastes and preferred style. Collectors of my work will also receive exclusive offers and first-view of new works that complement their existing collection.

If you would like to learn more about becoming one of my Art Collectors, please send me an email so we can discuss it. I am sure you will find the opportunity stimulating and rewarding.

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