My life, as a photographer

Become an Art Patron today!!

If you have ever thought about being a “Patron of the Arts,” here is a chance to do it. Become one of my Art Patrons.

The benefits are enormous. The Art Patron Program is something you will find extremely valuable as time goes on. I guarantee it! The earlier and longer you are a member, the greater your rewards. My Art Patrons get very significant rewards and added value for their support of my work.

Many years ago artists created their best work for their Patrons.

Today, professional artists are often creating works aimed at a Retail Art Galleries and a “commercial” or “retail” market.

In the renaissance era, artists had patrons who supplied the funds, accommodation or materials for the artist to create work. The artist was then able to focus their time and efforts on creating new work, often then given to the patron for their private collection, although sometimes the work was made for use in a public setting. Today, many professional artists rely on creating work for retail galleries in the hope they can make enough to cover their costs and expenses. This has the artists making art for the market, or what they think will give them the best chance to sell, rather than making work that is a true expression of their artistic vision.

Here is your chance to become a true Patron of an individual artist. This special program is available to a select few who value the creativity of the artist (that’s me) and want to have an exclusive and rewarding relationship with the artist. Members of the patron program have access to exclusive work, and the program is tailor-made to suit your tastes and preferred style. Patrons of my work will get more value from being a member of the program than their financial contribution to it.

If you would like to learn more about becoming one of my Art Patrons, please send me an email so we can discuss it. I am sure you will find the opportunity stimulating and rewarding. There is no tax deduction for this patronage. Instead, you may gain a very special place in Art History.

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