My life, as a photographer

I really don’t post enough. Do I?

I notice that every so often I think ‘oh, I should write something on my blog’. Then the next thought is usually ‘but, what??’ I don’t really have all that much to talk about – however I notice that doesn’t stop the teens on YouTube from posting videos about nothing each week. Anyway, I’m in Frankfurt at the moment. Waiting for my bus home to Bremen. It’s not for another two hours and I’m currently at an Irish pub across from the train station where my bus leaves from having a drink of cider (which it turns out, I don’t really like) and using their free wifi. Yay.

So, I guess I should update you right? So I finally went for my visa application for Germany and I almost have a visa. I have a thing called a fichtungsbeshinigung or something which says that I can stay until January or they make another decision. I have another appointment in the beginning of December at which time I am pretty certain I will get my shiny new visa in return for €100 or so. So yay for being almost legal right!??

In other news, after 10 months of trying to get the word out about. My photography school and tours etc, I signed on with Groupon and did a short deal for a couple of days and sold 103 vouchers. Way more than I thought I would sell. Incredible. I now have more students than I can see in a reasonable time, so it’s a good thing that the voucher is good for 6 months!! So things are starting to really happen on that front, but it hasn’t been without its setbacks. I’ve spent a lot of money on advertising for absolutely no return, and I spent nothing on Groupon and got an immeasurable increase in my sales and student numbers. I have another meeting with them on Thursday to create something for Christmas – so fingers crossed that goes just as well.

I’m also increasing the amount of shoots I’m doing for online LGBTIQ magazine I have a shoot lined up in London next month that I’m really looking forward to, I just wish I. Had more knowledge on how these things usually get put together. I’m thinking it actually would be easier to just buy the clothes I want to use for the shoot then return them afterwards. I wonder how many times you can get away with that though.

Anyway, some things are going really well, others are just starting out and some things have stalled a bit. For instance I am working on going to Eurovision again next year to report for 4zzz and I’m running a fundraiser to get a team over there for it ( and we got off to a good start, but it seems to have stalled and I’m struggling a bit to keep things going when I’m so far away from where most of the action is happening in Australia. (also I find myself having to motivate the main reporter on the team to do anything, which is a bit frustrating.)

Then there is my gallery. For those who don’t know, I want to open my own art gallery. I really want to make something huge that is totally different to anything that currently exists, but I don’t have the € or in Bremen, the space for such a thing. I have found a spot that would be good for a single room toned-down version but I have so far been unable to get any informant about it from the estate agent. Since they take a commission you would think that they would be really keen to get it rented but still. I’ve sent them a couple of emails now and I will be calling them on Tuesday when I get back to Bremen.

I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to the bus ride home. 7 hours. 7. I intend to out my headphones on and go to sleep and stretch out a bit on the seat. I hope it’s not a full bus. Unless I get to sit next to someone who is really cute and gay. Or gayish. Probably it’d be better to have a spare seat next to me though.

I think that’s enough for now. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter – @adhollowayart or on Facebook

See you round kids!

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