My life, as a photographer

Maybe it’s just me…

So I’ve been living in Bremen for about a year and of late I’ve been wanting to do more and more photo work with models and scenes etc. I’ve been mostly planning the shoots in London using models from Model Mayhem since I always get a good response from there. However it means a trip to London, flights and accommodation, not to mention a space to shoot (difficult in winter when outside isn’t as pleasant).

I’d really love to shoot in my new home town, but finding models here seems almost impossible. There’s 2 male models on model mayhem here and while I see a lot of attractive guys at the local clubs and gyms, I can’t seem to get any actual model shoots. I’ve handed out my card at nightclubs but that doesn’t seem to have a good return rate. I’m at a loss really as to how/where to find people to model for me. I’d love some ideas in the comments section here!

Otherwise this is just a vent – maybe it’s just me, and there’s plenty of models wandering around looking for a photographer to work with.

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