My life, as a photographer

Successful people keep journals

I’ve been reading a lot lately; part of the benefit of being a starving artist is that I have lots of time on my hands. I read that successful people keep journals. I’ve read this before and it keeps coming up and I always think the same thing: what do they write about? and does this count as a journal? Do they keep it daily? or do they just write in it when something interesting happens.

I suppose the answer is they keep it however it works for them. It sounds like it’d be a good idea in theory – but I often think that if I were to keep a journal it would be mostly ‘today I slept in, didn’t really do much, went to the gym’ but then maybe that’s a good incentive to do something more productive – then I’ll have something interesting to put in my journal.

So I suppose I will use this blog as my journal. If for no other reason than I completely crave being noticed, and the likes I might potentially get on a post is more incentive than writing in a paper journal even I’m not going to read. I’ll try to do something interesting with my life so that you don’t just have to read about my time going to the gym, but we’ll see how things go I suppose.

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