My life, as a photographer

Winter is getting to me

I’m really not sure if it’s just me, but I think the weather is getting to me. It’s weird waking up morning after morning an finding that it’s 2 degrees outside and grey/rainy. I end up just going back to bed, unable to even bother getting out of bed. What’s the point? I can’t go anywhere and if I do, it’ll only to go and sit inside somewhere else and do nothing with my day. It’s incredibly depressing and I don’t know how people stand it year after year. I’ve been here one year so far and I’m ready for some actual warmth. Some sun in the morning. Or at some point during the day. It is supposed to be coming but it’s very depressing waiting for it. It’s really killing my creativity and my will do do anything at all. Unfortunately, one doesn’t get paid for just staying in bed asleep or staring at the tumblr wall. In this tiny city I’m really not finding anyone who’s interested in modeling for my work at all an I often have to go to London to do a decent shoot. That takes money and time and I have to pay for everything out of my own pocket, which unfortunately isn’t very deep.

I currently have no solution for this. And no idea how to make it work on a proper basis.

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