My life, as a photographer

A busy end to the month!

Well you know the old saying – when it rains it pours! Well that’s certainly the case at the moment!

In the last couple of weeks I have finalised plans for an exhibition in a local cafe/bar which should be great – it’ll be my first exhibition this year, and I plan to have four in Europe and the UK. This one is happening in Bremen, at Friends Cafe & Bar on Remberti Strasse. It’ll feature my work, as well as the work of two other Australian artists, Paul Gunn and Anissa Belogonoff. I’m really excited about it!!





The next exciting thing that’s happening is that I may have actually found a space for a permanent gallery! (yay) Or, at least a more permanent gallery space. A mate of mine has an apartment on a short term rental that is in a perfect location and has two large rooms with wonderfully white large walls. It would be so so perfect. It’s currently being rented for the next few months, and I’ll be speaking with the owner to get things finalised and sorted out so I can rent it for the next few months once the current tenant leaves. Again, exciting!

The last thing is that I have entered a competition to have an exhibition in New York City. The competition is running through, an artists website. The winner of the grand prize gets an exhibition and $10,000. All I have to do is get a lot of votes from people for my profile. A jury will eventually select the winner, but there are runner-up and popular prizes as well. If you’d like to support my efforts in this competition, please go to my Exposure 2012 page and click the VOTE button at the top. You can also connect with Facebook, Tumblr and Pinit.

Well, that’s it for now, more later, or check out my food blog Australipean for some fun with European food!

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