My life, as a photographer

A little trip to Cologne

For the Easter long weekend, I decided to take a short trip to Cologne, meet up with a model or two and do a quick photo shoot. Unfortunately, when I arrived, my model contacted me to let me know he was sick, and couldn’t make the shoot. So instead I had a few free days in Cologne with my boyfriend and a couple of our mates. One afternoon I decided to take my camera out for a little walk to see what there was to photograph (other than the Dom). Here’s a few little photos I picked up.

Later the next afternoon, while we were waiting for the bus home, I took a few photos of the unremarkable street we were on, and my friends. One of them asked me about the black lens that I had, so I took a few images to demonstrate how the polarizing lens works. You can see them here – the reflection on the bus is almost completely removed by the filter, and the colours are more vibrant. There’s also two pictures of the sky with the same settings in the camera, the polarizing filter allows the blue of the sky to come out more deeply.

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