My life, as a photographer

Day in the Bürgerpark

So the sun came out today and I’m feeling better after a few days of sickness, so I thought: why not go for a walk to the park? It’s a beautiful day and there’ll be flowers and such – it’ll be great.

And so it was. Bremen really is beautiful in the spring and summer, when it’s green am warm. It is unfortunate that the warm is for about 3 months and the rest of the year it’s cold, but some things can’t be helped.

It’s beautiful here – people are walking their dogs, young couples are hiring row boats and paddling around the little river. I’ve spent about an hour taking photos and I’ve arrived at my favourite spot: the Shakespeare Bridge. It’s not really called that, that just what I call it. It surely has some other boring German name, but it looks like a bridge that one could Shakespeare on. Or, perhaps the bridge Ophelia drowned herself from in Hamlet. It’s a busy spot but it has this awesomely nice bridge. So I’m sitting here typing this, and when I finish I have a book to read for an hour or so until I meet my boyfriend at the gym. So. Here’s some photos from the park.










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