My life, as a photographer

My influences: Slava Mogutin

Slava Mogutin is one of my favourite artists. I was introduced to his work in University by one of my tutors. I even managed to find a copy of his book Lost Boys in Melbourne on a visit. I really love the raw, basic, quality to Slava’s work, and I love that his images are intimately photographed,





while not really giving us a deep look into the character of the subjects. Particularly this series, the images are more like a voyeuristic view at these people, and less like a a deep investigation of their actual lives. 


Today, I came across some of Mogutin’s work for Vice magazine: a fashion shoot, in his home-erotic, raw, visual style. I really love that this style really crosses into fashion photography, which is usually only the pristine, well-lit studio style, with photoshopped skin and perfect bodies and faces. Mogitun’s pictures are a perfect example of an artist taking his own personal style and crossing it over into a commercial application with no loss of the integrity of his work. 



More images and full story here:

All images are copyright Slava Mogutin. 

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