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Amsterdam!! Rapido Dance Party

This has been my first trip to Amsterdam. There’s a big change in the scenery when you cross the border. There are places where the sea is just *right there* or just next to the road as you drive along. It’s rather strange.




We stopped off for a brunch in Groningen, and had a short wander around the town. I found this store; I think the name is brilliant.


Once we got to Amsterdam it was a fun trick around the city to find our parking garage and then the hotel. Once checked in we decided to go for a walk to see some of the sights and grab something for dinner.

We checked out Van Gogh museum, and the opera house, at least from the outside. They’re even setting up a massive stadium outside for Tuesday’s Queens Day celebration. It looks like it’s going to be a massive event here. Pity we couldn’t stay until Tuesday.

We found the I Amsterdam sculpture, and of course grabbed a couple of photos on it.









As we wandered we found the gay quarter and we saw this store:

20130428-113039.jpg I was going to stop in for some supplies but they’ve unfortunately closed, which is a shame.

A quick stop for a bite to eat, grab some supplies for the night to get our party started and we were on our way back to our hotel. It’s a really nice place with this insane staircase at the front door. It’s almost a ladder. Our room is a nice family size room that could sleep 7, so it happily holds the four of us.


Then it was all systems go to find the perfect outfit for tonight’s party. Not a tough ask since we’d pretty much planned everything from home but still. We had a bit of fun with different things and helping each other decide what to wear.



Once we got to the party it was wild! There were gorgeous men of all ages, types and descriptions all having a great time together dancing until tomorrow. Plenty of cute twinks in tiny shorts or sometimes just underwear. Loss of fun to dance with and to look at.








The party was simply awesome. It was another few firsts for me – first time in Amsterdam, first Circuit party (and the first time participating fully in the circuit party scene), first time I’ve taken my shirt off at a party and not been self-conscious of how fat I am. I have been working really hard at the gym lately and there’s a real difference showing. It was a great night and I’m glad I got to do it here with good friends and my boyfriend. There’s another party tonight so I’ll grab some more pictures and video. (Only with my iPhone though. No SLR camera at the dance party!)

Until the next update! Ciao!



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