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Part time bike mechanic

This morning I find myself getting out of bed early, having a quick fb chat with mum (expertly avoiding asking for money again – win for me, not my bank acct) and hopping a bus & tram to the other side of town to pickup a new part for my bike. It’s a rather old bike and probably not worth it, but I think the part is less than 20€ and if I can fix it myself then I’ll have a bike for another few months. It certainly will help with getting around here. It’s a good place for bikes – except the cobblestones. Only problem is I’m no bike mechanic. So hopefully it’s a fairly easy operation. I also have to repair the back wheel which is flat.

Actually, that’s the reason I discovered the broken part – taking the back wheel off to repair it. No matter. I have some help from the kid upstairs in our house. He’s pretty good with bikes and repairs etc. so hopefully the two of us can work it out and i’ll have my bike back up and running by this afternoon. I might even be able to use it to go shopping for dinner later.

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