My life, as a photographer

Changing Rooms

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to make a big change in our apartment: we moved our living room to our bedroom and vice-versa. That might sound a bit strange, but our apartment only has two rooms, a large one that our bed was in, and a small one that had our couch, a chair and a desk. Whenever we had friends over, we would cram into the small lounge sitting on each other to fit. Now we’ve switched the rooms over, we have a much smaller bedroom, and a much larger lounge room. It has made a huge difference already – I enjoy being in the lounge room now as there is so much space to enjoy. I no longer feel like I am jammed into the room competing with the lounge, desk, bookshelf, etc. 

Since the move, we’ve been jazzing things up a bit, since we now have a space that we like. So today we did a bit of shopping at the hardware store and got some paint for our table and some plants for the pots that have been sitting empty in the window for over a year. What a huge difference a little bit of green plant makes! They’ll be even better when the flowers bloom into a brilliant yellow as well. (these are just quick snaps with my iPhone – forgive the poor quality!)


The next thing we tackled was the table. We’ve had it for a while, and it was old and fairly badly painted white. I decided that with all the yellow, red and green in the room, we needed a big bit of blue to off-set everything else. Here’s where we started: 


I gave it a good sanding down (although apparently not quite enough in some spots – oops!) and then we got to work painting it blue. It was a little more blue than we had expected – always seems to be the way with those little swatches! – but I think I like it. Once it dries in the morning we’re going to go over it with a bit of sand paper and give it a bit of a distressed look on the edges. But right now, I rather like the colour. So we shall see where we’re at once it’s fully dried and the colour has settled. Here’s the current stage: 


It has wings so it can dry easier… or something. Anyway, I’ll post a picture of it finished with some details tomorrow once it’s all done! 


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