My life, as a photographer


A.David Holloway is a 30 year old emerging artist. Born and bred in Brisbane and now living in Bremen, Germany; A.David First found a love of photography in high school, during a basic photography subject, and continuing to study at TAFE, A.David abandoned the art to pursue a ‘real career’. After nearly 8 years, A. David has returned to photography – his true passion – and has completed a Bachelor Degree at the Griffith University, Queensland College of Art. Who Am I…But You? was A.David Holloway’s first public exhibition since 1999.

A.David has a passion for photography that drives him to create innovative works that extend the boundaries and push the limits. This current exhibition is an excellent showcase of A.David’s sense of style and provocation. His first exhibition, Who Am I…But You? seeks to challenge the viewers ideas of identity – how it is created and who or what gives it life.

Photography Exhibitions

  • ‘Boys Toys: Part II’ 2012 – Loft Cafe, Bremen (Solo Exhibition)
  • ‘Boys Toys: Part II’ 2011 – The Artists Gallery, Brisbane (Solo Exhibition)
  • ‘Flood Relief’ 2011 – Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane (Group Exhibition)
  • ‘Loving the Nightlife’ 2010 – Cafe Grün, Bremen, Germany (Solo Exhibition)
  • ‘Last Days’ 2010 – QCA Graduate Exhibition, Brisbane (Group Exhibition)
  • ‘As Good As Famous’ 2009 – White Box Gallery, Brisbane (Group Exhibition)
  • ‘Boys Toys Part 1’ 2009 – Percolator Gallery, Brisbane (Solo Exhibition)
  • ‘Art of Silence’ 2009 – Circle Gallery, Brisbane (Group Exhibition)
  • ‘Borrowed Scenery’ 2008 – Art Factory Gallery, Brisbane (Group Exhibition)
  • ‘Who am I…But You?’ 2008 – Brisbane Powerhouse (Solo Exhibition)

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